mental health

we can’t ignore our mental state

i want to talk about failure. it seems to be a big subject with death tolls rising, people committing suicide and depression setting in because we are living in a very difficult time. our way of life has been altered and we can no longer ignore the obvious mental state of society.

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our emotions are at an ultimate high, we can’t seem to focus and for some reason, no matter how many hours we work, we can’t keep ahead. lack of sleep, stress fits in that category because if you are dreaming all night of facts and figures, well your mind isn’t resting.

let’s look at your way of life. we live by certain standards, all different but in the end we all strive for something. no matter how much we try and alter this, it seems to be always the same. people constantly being more disrespectful for the gratification of another. using our pandemic as a means to get something is also very clear; how sad this is. a lady wrote me yesterday about her situation how she was asking for a special favor because it was a gift from santa. really? grow up already.

clearly there are big issues in the world and if it continues like this, we will all perish.

on a personal note.

i am frustrated with the my creativity, feeling as though my ambition of making this fun for the holidays has taken a back seat. no one seems interested and i wonder if it’s me or the fact that people are preoccupied with their own miracles of life. i have always tried to make people smile in one way or another but lately i feel my efforts are beyond my abilities. how can i make them see when my own ‘ ha ha ‘ has left the building?

don’t we wish we had a reset button. i do. brainstorming ideas; we shall see.


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