We Can’t Deny Ourselves The Opportunity to Breathe

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I have been talking about change lately because let’s face it, this world is changing and not for the better. I truly believe it affects everyone and not only physically but mentally. I don’t know about you but my mind is like a rushing flow of inability, inability to concentrate, inability to breathe, inability to surrender to any happy thoughts. The world isn’t in our favour and adapting to this whole new way of life sucks.

Most of us will be in complete denial but as you know, I see my reality and I don’t like it. When we expect our lives to go a certain way and it does not, some of us will be emotionally unstable because we can’t deal with the sudden turn of events.

I, being the sole proprietor of negativity and realism, see that in my world, nothing good happens, therefore I can deal with the bad stuff. For me, it is just another reminder that maybe I am not worthy or I just don’t have that key ingredient of luck and happiness.

I did not create my chaos but I simply gave up on the idea that if I work hard, I can achieve anything. So, now, I just express these thoughts and feelings here creating whatever possible thing that comes to mind.

In the real world, I get up, drink my coffee, work 7.5 hours a day, eat supper, watch a little television, then fall asleep, all knowing that tomorrow will be the same over and over again, until the new story on the news flashes before us and maybe I will have something new to bitch about.

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