we are sinking ships of emotional stress

what can i do for myself today? good question. the answer is _____________.

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you fill it out.

i can’t tell you what is best for you, nor can i tell you how to live your life. only you can decide what is the best road to take when living an unconditional lifestyle. the best scenerio is that you know when something isn’t right, you must take note of this feeling and evaluate the problem.

taking an inventory of your well-being is very important, especially in these troubled times. the other thing that is good is conversation. most people forget to talk about their issues or fears because they worry about judgement. what we forget is that or discover is that there are far more people in the same boat as you may be.

we have all become sinking ships and if we do not throw out some floating devices, well 2020 will definitely turn into shit more than it already has.

frustration, anxiety, depression, stress, common issue right now and our mental health is in deep ‘caca’. we must find a peaceful way to heal these issues and find our center.

my thing lately is still wanting to fix others.

i have always been a leader, attending to people’s needs before mine and reaching out has been a constant go to. i think it makes me feel good knowing i care but what i do realize is that is sucks the life out of me. that is what lead me to my mental health issue in the first place 2 years ago.

today, i can say it is still hard for me to let go of that desire of fixing, rather than focusing on me.

i have taken small steps to achieve this goal but it is a difficult task. i reached out to an old colleague yesterday and that always puts me back into perspective. as i said before in my personal writings, i have very few friends and the one’s i do communicate with all have value to my life.

so today, i want you to sit back, think of what is not working in your life, just one thing and ask yourself: does it bring strength to my well-being or does it destroy what is left of the good?

remember to reach out if you need to talk. best medicine is no medicine but human interaction.


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