Wanting More Out of Life

Have you ever just woken up one morning and thought: “what the hell happened to me and my journey?” I do. this is not where i wanted to be in my life; career, living accomodations and especially value.

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people will say you can change it all but in a blink of an eye, life takes you on a different path and you forget what you really desired. how is this possible?

there are things that bring me great joy like my yard work, the pool and creating the environment i can relax but there is always something just quite not right. when i was a person of importance, man that was a daily rush. the thing is i never had the right tools to make it all work well and it burnt me out very fast. i suffered with the ability to keep grounded and i was a person i did not even recognize.

that isn’t healthy.

let’s look at the core; i know within myself there are still things i want and need. these are just out of my grasp and there isn’t anything that could fix it. money the root of everything, refrains us from ever getting the exact thing we want or need and lack of makes it difficult to attain any kind of satisfaction. we work to live and live to work.

it should not be that way.

i really enjoy travel and for awhile it was all i could think of twice a year. the moment when i board a plane and i was off to the beach. that was the most exciting times for me. as that is on a stand still for the time being, it is hard to find a replacement. that is why i have a beautiful yard; in the summer this is my getaway. not the same but almost.

our world as we know it has been modified and turned upside down by a crazy virus and we are all at a halt. i honestly don’t know how people will survive but one thing for sure is most of us still are breathing. i guess that counts for something.

the problem is when will it all come to halt so we can at least get back to our own normal? how are is everyone copping with this random state of emergency?


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