Growth Truths

value your employees to make your company better

when someone notices your work.

i can’t believe it has been 2 months since the new job and i have to say, i am finally in a good place. my recent promotion has given more courage than ever and when a supervisor tells you they appreciate you, well there is nothing left but to feel grateful.

yesterday, i was also told how dedicated i am to my new post and i said frankly:

“that’s just me.”

this is true of my work ethics. when i am happy with something, i throw myself full force and prove my worth. this i know only because in the past i have been told many times.

what i never liked about my other jobs is that management never took the time to notice the good employees did in order to keep them. very sad that big companies don’t take the time to appreciate their workers.

that’s the whole point to a job well done. you must be told that you are doing good in order to continue. people often forget those who devote their time to making things better for companies. we get thrown to the curb or we develop a numbers games; meaning, the employee number is there for a reason.

i am not sure that even if you hold a title like supervisor or team lead, if they get the recognition they deserve.

it is a very comfortable job and i am so glad i have the support of a great team leader. she has a busy schedule but always takes the time to tell me how grateful she is to have me on her team.

i have to say you need to take the time to reflect if you feel you do not have the support you need in order to do a great job.

as we move forward in this 2020, i live with positive thoughts, most days and as long as i can focus on my work, all is good.

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