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A Story of why, when and how a person can change her colours.

I know what you are thinking when you land on this: “why does she change the layout and colour scheme so often?” Well, let me explain it.

I am a creature of change to accommodate my mood. There, I said it. Whatever I am feeling or experiencing, it goes hand in hand and when you see change, it is because chaos has entered my life or because I am learning to really connect with myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with entertaining my ideas as long as it fits my needs.

Now, you are thinking, “well, that’s selfish”. On the contrary, this is what this journey is all about.

Let’s define, mental health and self-devotion.

Why are so many people in this world complicated by independent transitions? Because they do not understand themselves. They find ways to cope with stress, hide behind the shadow of what people want them to be and follow rules and regulations that do not serve a purpose but to that mission either for companies or individuals.

I can’t stress enough how conditioning is still embedded into people and they do not understand why they are so unhappy. They feel and act in a certain way because it is expected of them.

Let’s take this moment to talk about this #freedomconvoy. It is the first time in history that Canadians have stood up against our so-called government and I must say how impressed I was to see the reactions and actions of the rest of the world were. Approving it is one thing but following suit is another. Here is a perfect example of people standing up for what they believe in and wanting the right to choose. It was simple to fix when the people started getting out of hand, all the government had to do is sit down with the public, #freedomconvoy and talk about their needs and wants. However, we all know that government doesn’t negotiate anything and guess what? It turned to violence.

This is how wars were started back in the day and I almost wished it had and then maybe the government would have a better understanding of want it means to vote. Now, we are living in a world where dictatorship goes hand in hand. Oh yes, they are lifting the restrictions but to what end or why?

Because they want to look like heroes.

In my latest moment, as we move into the end of February, I am reminded of how close we are to Spring and I can’t wait. This winter has surely been brutal and I am grateful that my job keeps me at home. On that note, I really am positive this time about the new position, I have really met some truly nice and knowledgeable people.

As always, be unconditional and shoot me a line if you want to chat or connect.

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