Trust issues: is there anything else

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don’t you hate it when people assume something is not quite right with you and the first thing they ask is “Where is your head at today?” as if.

most people have no idea what another person is feeling or experiencing and some will make it their daily ambition just to figure out what the hell is going on inside your head. i am speaking of experience because people who know me think they really understand my feelings and conditions.

i have had trust issues all my life. people burn you, they hurt you and most of all pretend to be your friend even though you know deep down they have another agenda.

call me crazy if you want but i can tell you most of you know i am speaking the truth and that my friends is something people most fear.

tell it like it is has been my ambition for many years. since my crash of 2018, i have learned so many good things about myself that it explains the character flaws i feel for others. it has been a struggle but i can say with confidence, i stand by my words and judge no one for feeling the opposite.

it isn’t their fault.

they are conditioned a certain way believing that normal is what others want you to be. the art of making someone act a certain way is only a means to an end. it is a defect in their personality from years of suppressed issues and the inability to breathe.

now i do understand in certain situations one must act accordingly but it does not mean we have to be treated like infants or soldiers. i remember hearing this once that people who wear uniforms for work represent conformity, and unity but my personal view is that it creates a meaning of inability to express one’s true self.

this creates a negative impact on what is considered humanity.

in 2020 we see people having to conform to a new way of life and it is without a doubt the worse time we have probably experienced. some of us are now facing issues of loss, negative feelings towards our governments and politicians and most of all the health care system. our leaders are forgetting about the people and choice and that my friends is the communism of life.

as we head into August, the questions remain the same:

“Will things get better or will they continue to enforce our trust in the nation?”

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