Trust has left the building

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why we are incapable of understanding our own feelings at times when life just throws bullshit after bullshit.

we are tied by social media and lifestyle choices but are we? word has it, pretty soon we will no longer have choice, and that is or can be a pretty scary thing for many people. how do we begin to understand what the world has become and what this will do for our mental health.

i feel trapped already by being social in the real world, stuck in my office 40 hours a week and the only people i speak with our the relentless self absorbed customer who seem to only care about their products and not what they are dishing out. people are very cruel and i can honestly say, so are companies that still believe we are all just a number, like our government officials.

what happened to humanity? what happened to compassion?

i think if we stop and think for a moment, people understand less about caring that ever before and are consumed with self worth. we must pay attention to what is real and less about what society has made us believe.

i have left many past lives behind me only because i felt that those people care nothing about my well-being but more about the fear i put in some of them. meaning, i am judged constantly for having a voice and i still can’t believe leaving me out in the cold would be something of choice.

i have done so much for other and never received gratification for it that my trust in people, well to simply put it:

left the building.

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