what motivates the writing is experiences. we do not realize how we can make an impact even on one person. share the words and be unconditional.

this is it: this is our lives

the decisions are harder than you think. living the life you want and actually living. i wake up every morning with the same thoughts: everything ends. doesn’t it. we all know there isn’t enough to really

the sacrifices people make

it is that time of year when i must face the aweful fact of putting away summer enjoyment. so many changes in 2020, we can’t even begin to process. the hard part is knowing i will

full circle: how are we coping

i don’t get out much but once a week i make a point of going shopping just to see the atmosphere. i can honestly say, people are not happy. no matter what town you reside in,

month of june

the focus is healthy choices. what we do, how we eat, why make the wrong turn along the way is an important part of the journey. let’s look at some of the posts i have written along the way.

Regret Should Be Removable

we all have those moments when something happens or decisions are made and let us realize it wasn’t the correct choice. as we grow through life experiences, we sometimes continue on the path of ‘what if’

Wanting More Out of Life

Have you ever just woken up one morning and thought: “what the hell happened to me and my journey?” I do. this is not where i wanted to be in my life; career, living accomodations and

Achieving Greatness

what can we do to make the world great? what can we do to bring back the well-being we once felt within and even in the outside?

social connections are so important!

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