Title Your Mistakes and Embrace the Crazy

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Every morning, I sit here thinking about what to write next. I ask the question, what are people interested in hearing or reading? They say the title will attract a person to link to a post much like if you meet people who hold that title, you want to know more about them.

I wrote a post once about that: “The title doesn’t make the man or woman” and a few months ago, cleaning out the garbage posts, I deleted it. It is like when people say there are no accidents. I deleted that post for a reason. The door has closed and it will remain forever in the bliss of the world wide web.

What is all this rambling about this morning?

A focus. I realized a long time ago that I am a person who pushes all the limits. When I learn something new, I work hard at perfecting it. The hard part is that when I make a mistake, I get really upset, with myself. I find it very hard not to because then the reality is, although we aren’t perfect, some things need to be. I want to be successful and that implies I can’t make mistakes.

The brain corresponds or sends the signal to the emotion of being less worthy, less competent and this feeling is so bad that I find me thinking why bother? In the end, I keep pushing because I need money and work keeps me stable.

I still for the life of me don’t understand the need to feel so important. Not believing that I am successful or great at what I do really bugs the shit out of me on a daily basis. It is a crazy thought but true. The good thing about these feelings is realizing them and working towards a goal to settle the nerves.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to just master therapeutic philosophy on your own.

It is like someone said yesterday, it is daily teaching. We learn many things every day, some familiar and some not so familiar. We just have to maintain a steady journey.

On another note: I have been creating lately, changing a big of how to set up my layout. What are your thoughts?

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