Timing is Everything

believe it or not, time is a valuable tool for any situation. love, life, people, they are all there for a reason. things that happen are meant to be and regardless of what you have known all your life, that you can change the course of events, make choices, make decisions, nothing is as it seems.

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we all know there is no such thing as control only because no matter how hard you try and control a situation, there is cause and effect. you do or say something and it will surely change by the time it has run it’s course.

you can have a plan and it will all fall to shit because of one moment. oh sure, you can do something and be diligent in the outcome but there is always something that happens that changes.

i used to believe that i could make changes, be the one that makes things happen but i soon realized that it matters not what i do or say, people are built by formation. what i mean by that is they can alter their thinking because they blinded by dreams and unrealistic goals. they do not live in the reality of life. they assume what works for them will work for others and that all must accept their way of thinking.

the old saying “you can teach an old dog a new trick” is bullshit.

there is a light at the end of this tunnel, you can change what you do and it makes you live your life. when you have exhausted all these possibilities, all you have left is yourself.

today i want you think about something that really drives you crazy, something that means so much to you and ask yourself if it really matters? or is just that because you can’t change it? we only live once, why alter your own personal growth for the sake of others.



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