Thoughts on Half Empty or Half Full.

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yea know it’s funny, i never considered the possibility that my life was a bunch of story scenes and the only thing missing is the director. too bad that wasn’t true but in reality, we are the directors of our own lives and i believe there is still a moment when you consider that you always need more.

i think the idea of being half full, depending on what the beverage is can be somewhat irritating, the world i live in is just that. last night i told my boyfriend i needed a break from him but what i really need is a break from everything. this world has gotten so null for me that it bares writing it down.

my glass is empty for sure, neither there nor here, i am just unsatisfied in all aspects. so what do we do with that. that question has been weighing on me for quite some time and in the last 3 years it has not changed.

i can’t even explain how taking the wrong path feels like because it is simple.

i turned around and as i thought i was going into possibilities, i ended up right back in the beginning. it is said we can’t turn back time but i am living proof, it is possible. the only difference is people.

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