thoughts and comments: why they are so important

when someone acknowledges your work, it is really important because it not only makes you feel good but it shows you must be doing something right. we all want to feel good, don’t we?

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yesterday, i received my first comment ever on this blog and i can say i was really surprised. the words were not only impressive but truly uplifting. i wish more people would take the time to send me a note or comment. i love interacting with people and it gives me ideas.

you are all here because you landed on this page by either social media or link and i can tell you that there is a reason. a word, a sentence, wherever captured your attention, reading through the words, finds you interested.

it was a long an uninteresting long weekend here in Canada, our thanksgiving this year restricted us from large gatherings and i am sure people were disppointed. although there is always facetime or other forms of video conferencing, it isn’t the same without the actually interaction of eating large quantities of turkey and gravy.

kinda makes me sad because i seen a picture of a table for 2 instead of the normal table for 10 and realizing this year is absolutely bonkers. i also spoke to a man the other day who was telling me or more or less making me aware of how many people are suffering from mental issues or depression because they have loss contact with people.

very sad.

i used to look for 5 minutes of peace and quiet, now that i work alone, this does not apply but it does concern me because i have noticed that if i don’t get out in some way, i may myself become sheltered. i really believe talking about our feelings, sharing them online or writing them down helps and that is why i was so happy to see a comment.

please feel free to reach out, no matter the situation, we are never alone.


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