the search for customer service.

feeling better? a question i have heard to many times and it is a wonder why people so often use this phrase especially when you know they don’t really give 2 shits about how you are feeling. i posted a #tiktok memo today, 3 parts only because you have about 60 seconds to say what you want but i had much more, it was about what the world has come too and what people are suffering from, also the idea that companies are in the wrong business when it comes to customer service.

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it goes on to say, that for 2 years i have been struggling with finding purpose, a job that suits my needs and the struggle with how companies run. they have totally forgotten human connections. i find myself in a pickle sorta speak as the last company i worked for made it all sound so great and in the end, it was just like all the others. they just kept throwing things at you without any understanding of what customers really want never mind the employees. i wonder if making the bigger buck makes a difference.

on the other hand, the one thing i have done for over 8 years has proven to be more stressful than ever and none caring of their employees at all. pier pressure is a bitch too.

last year, i worked for company whom did not pay well and also had their idea of what a great customer service call should be and i can say without a doubt, the more you put yourself out there for a company, the less they appreciate the real value a person can bring into the mix.

needless to say, here i am venting and also still looking for work.

one company who offered me a job, wanted to train us in the middle of a pandemic in a crowded call center. really? if you are going to promote the idea of working from home you should train from home.

i am not without working hard for something i love and enjoy but i refuse to waste my time and qualifications on companies who will not recognize the value of human connections.


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