There is Something to be Said about Time Out

as i lay listening to the crickets last night, find my peace, i wondered if other people always knew the trick to take a break. exhausted from my work week, i decided to take a mini break and head to my dads campsite so that i could go fishing on my day off.

what i find ironic this morning is that it is almost the same set up as texas in a lot of ways, minus the palm tree. (staring at a pine tree)

the calmness here is remarkable and with the birds singing their morning tune, the air is crisp but nice. it makes me also think hoe much i need to regroup more often than i should. although i have my nice back yard, it is still noisy from the city life.

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i think people either forget to find time to really connect with nature and the silence. i have always loved quiet time and as most know i do prefer it by the ocean, i am sure going on the river today will be just as fulfilling.

how lucky am i?


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