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there is only one way to be yourself.

so often, i have seen people try to be something else, act in a way that just doesn’t suit their needs and i still for the life can’t understand this behavior. we are captivated by ambition: the pursuit of trying to destroy someone else’s light, verbal words poured out like it meant nothing as long as they get their point across. the problem is these people do not understand the other person standing there has an agenda of their own.

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confidence comes into play when certain people push the limits. they banter about everything and anything never understanding that their words might mean nothing. certain characteristics of a human being shine more than others and you can often notice that a person can over do in order to be heard.

but what is this person really trying to accomplish?

i will tell you. they simply want the wrong kind of attention. there is a way to make a point without sounding absolutely ridiculous. i realize there are many kinds of people in this world, why else would we believe otherwise but there just certain people that get under your skin.

these people insist on standing out by blurting out whatever comes to mind or worse constantly saying things to get the attention and noticed. this is so un-necessary but true.

insecurity is an awful thing.

there are those who go the distance to be noticed and then there are those who shy away from the light. those are the ones we should really be watching. a silence person is more deadly than a person who exposes themselves.

i like to think of myself as the silent one because my brain works 24/7 and i am always thinking up things i can say or do next. i remember a time when leading was an interesting prospect because the people i represented never knew what i was going to do next and for the most part it kept them on their toes.

always thinking ahead gave me that advantage.

i heard a saying once: “imagine all the possibilities and you will never be surprised”.

that works. it is a game i love playing.

what’s next …

so here we are, August 1st, 2021 and the world doesn’t seem to be any better than 2020. this is very sad and i can feel the tension by reading and listening to people. spirits have gone down, no one is happy and we are all struggling more than ever in all aspects of life.

i finally got out of my cocoon yesterday, decided that it was time and made an appointment at the salon for a tan. the weather has been nice enough to go floating in my serenity, so i thought why not. this way at least i get out. i work odd hours and it does not permit me to do much else and spending so much time in my office, alone has made me a bit of a hermit.

all good though, i think as long as i keep my brain in tact, i will be ok.

have a good week, always be unconditional and don’t forget to drop me a line or an email.

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