the wheels on the bus

good song but it isn’t the point. the brain is always working on overload and in my head things are pretty busy considering i am a woman and we can multitask anytime and anywhere. at one point, you need to take a break but how?

people say things that can sit in the back of your mind and from that a chain of events can happen. you feed off the negativity, beginning the cycle of fiber optics. it is one of things you just can’t shake and until you realize it is just a reaction to something that isn’t in your scope of lifestyle, you can easily cut it off.

there are people in life who make it their ambition to ruin others, picking constantly at everything they can to make you feel like shit but what it is them who are suffering. they have something bad ticking inside and feel the need to say or do bad things to others making them feel better for thinking they are better than the rest of the world. they have a mission to gain a better perspective of their own reality but i can assure you in the end, life has a way.

my personal experience with people has given me the luxury of having this instinct of knowing when someone will stab me in the back and i have proven it many times over. i guess in the long run i should be grateful i was right in certain situations but the thoughts still haunt me as to why these people wanted to do me harm.

some say it is because i am smart, i have a voice and i am a realist.

i make people realize the truth and of course we all know most people do not want to face the truth about anything. they live in a castle full of hope and twinkle thinking all will get better but they should really see life for what it is then they could cope better with what is right in front of them.

in our present day, we can only accept truth unconditionally and keep reality open.

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