The Vision of a Better Future

We all hope for better, we all desire something extraordinary that can sometimes be out of our control. As we grow older, our experiences show us that life can sometimes detour and sidetrack us from the goal. I am always fascinated by meeting new people; how they react, how they present themselves, their ambitions and thoughts and mostly how they see life. After all, how else would I get my material?

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I met a very nice young man who is very eager and determined to make his life better and he said one word that stuck in my head:


Most business people have visions; being better, successful, they imagine themselves being in a place better than they have and yet I have to ask myself, as I have experienced this feeling, what if the outcome of our visions, isn’t quite what we imagined? how does this happen especially when we plan everything out like it was life or death?


As much as we would like to make our plan a reality, adaptation takes place, or it should. Lifestyle choices, people, experiences can change at a moments notice and therefore alter our expectations. I am a perfect example because 4 years ago I had a plan, a vision and as it turns out, it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I never became what I really wanted and as a result, I suffered for it. On the other hand, I did take much from this vision and the lesson was that maybe the ambition was greater than me. I believe in my experience that the vision was lacking honesty; although politics are a big part of today’s society, it isn’t all honest. It’s a power trip invented in our minds by the individuals who put them there.

Still, coming back to visions, at times we must take a step back and make sure the plan we laid out is really accessible and realistic. I, myself, no longer do this because I have come to also realize that it is better to just go with what I can do today, rather than concern myself with tomorrow.

I still have visions, especially for this website and money but they aren’t as ambitious as before only because I have loss my belief in making money online. It is so brutal and competitive, I think I just want to work and make real money rather than run after it.

My lifestyle is sincere and realistic and yes I still have goals and some ambitions but at the moment I am taking all of my choices, one day at a time. Peace of mind is more important than worry which will surely leave me unhealthy in the long run.

Today I look forward to new ideas and thoughts and hope to find something interesting.


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