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One has moments where we realize we are calm. Last night, after work, I sat on the sofa as I usually due to set the binge-watching channels and said “I am calm”. I realized I had been like that all week and for whatever reason, it hit me. Between the beginning of the year and now, I have been on an up and down of tragedy and negativity which for me is usually pretty normal but last night was different. My job had finally come to peace and that makes my life much easier. The odd thing is I didn’t even have to question why, I knew the answer.

They fired the top woman who worked beside me and she was something else. Always put her nose into everything, trying to boss us around like she owned the place, pointing out all the negativity and it was as if when we knew she was gone, all was calm. Even my supervisor seemed really nice now, sending positive compliments and giving off great congratulations and it is just what this team of mine needed.

It is sad to say how one person can just disrupt a whole situation but it is the truth. Things went so smoothly yesterday that I couldn’t believe it but the facts were there, not to mention I now became number one and got the early shift which I love. The thing is too I am valuable now because I am the only French-speaking employee and they need me. We service all of Canada and there are a lot of French clients.

My first thought was, “shit, I should ask for a raise” but I will play it out and see what happens next week when I am away. That is the other thing, I am going on vacation and I was a little worried about it but the boss assured me I need this and they will be fine. It is what it is right?

I will enjoy my time away, sitting on the beach finally making peace with myself and my tragedy is what I need most right now, not to mention I haven’t seen my family in forever. The sun is calling and I am answering.

I plan on breaking down and making videos of my vacation, posting every day to let the people I love know how I am and to feel the emotions of this journey. I am feeling it is time and will bring many releases for me because even when I come back, I know it will almost be time to get my back yard paradise ready for my summer fun.

Enjoy your weekend my friendly readers and let’s connect soon.

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