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the title does not make the man or woman

every once in a while you receive a message that is so profound, you must sit and start writing. it is all about experience, events and people and this morning, my thoughts are like a bolt of lightening.

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decisions can affect your lifestyle at any moment and when push comes to shove, we truly never know the outcome. i have keen sense of knowing things, maybe it is a gift, maybe it is just a ‘gut’ intuition but in the end when the truth comes out, i am almost right.

i can also tell you that when you try to push something so hard that it hurts your body, mind and soul, it can alter your own health. i have been writing my personal thoughts for years, some good, some not so good and even with judgement from others, i continue on my journey. i am told quite often that somebody, somewhere is listening and that even if i affect one person a day, then i should keep writing.

my strength comes from honesty, something people for the most part do not like and as years passed, i realized that no matter how hard i try and share my gifts with others, they will not always accept me for who i am and how i feel.

what i like this morning, in particular, is ‘karma’ – what comes around, goes around.

those who have hurt me are slowly getting their day and that my friends puts a big smile on my face. the understanding behind this message is a very personal one and i can’t share the details but i can say this, as i move forward and try to deal with my past decisions, it seems to be more easier to let it go.

of course there is always that little part of my brain that never forgets the shame, hurt and disrespect i have received in the past for trying to be the best at what i do but time is a valuable thing.

whatever the road takes, wherever i may end up, i know that at least i have one or two people that truly feel i am gifted, that i put my heart and soul into whatever i do and always keep it real.

the message: to those who strive to only succeed by way of titles should remove their ambitions and lead a more realistic and honest lifestyle. take a better path and learn to lead with emotion, compassion and an ear to listen. you never really know what another person is going through until you have lived your own true path.


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