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the struggle of ones’ own karma

ever get the feeling life will never get calmer. yesterday was a hell of a day and today for some reason, i am not feeling any better. the anxiety is bad and just when i thought all was good, systems crash and all hell goes to shit or is that the other way around.

i get one thing fixed and then pouf! something else doesn’t work. my efforts are endless to try and make my life as calm and happy but for some reason, i don’t know if it is karma or just bad bullshit, i can’t make things right. i want to find my center, be content, wake up feeling energize and ready but the fear kicks in only because when the shit is that thick, i can’t find the shovel big enough to clear the way.

so here it is.

when i am distorted, nothing works, right? the goal is to make it better and still i am struggling. i guess maybe take a deep breath and focus on one thing to see if this is the solution.

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i believe in living an unconditional lifestyle by expression of truths. creative, inspiring and most giving. i have had many position in my lifetime that has given me the ability to excel in whatever i set my mind too.

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