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the sacrifices people make

it is that time of year when i must face the aweful fact of putting away summer enjoyment. so many changes in 2020, we can’t even begin to process. the hard part is knowing i will not be able to go south again this winter, nothing to look forward too and finding a way to keep the spirits up.

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i also took a break from writing only because i really had no stories to tell.

that’s the thing, when you isolate yourself from the world, nothing exciting intrigues your senses. this is hard for a writer when you have no idea what to say. the media is so full of negativity, the shows are running out and life seems at a stand still.

humans say they are adapting but i feel as though we are simply settling because we must.

we even find new things to fill the void we are feeling and yet that isn’t enough. old friends that would be considered family, no longer live in your lifestyle, routines change and the once a week visit to the grocery store is an abomination. therefore my mental state is something on hold and the bleep is another road i must endure.

a word that comes to mind is sacrifice …

why are we always sacrificing the things that matter most or bring us joy? why do we restrict ourselves? it isn’t about lifestyle it is about control and nowadays, we are being controlled again by a parasite. i hate it honestly; here i thought my life would get much better 2 years ago and it has been downhill since.

so how do i turn this bitch around and find a positive outlet?

my next adventure: who knows. here is a good song to remind us …


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