the only way to begin is to start

same word different meaning but when it comes to personal growth, life can hit you in the balls and when you take a shit kicking, nothing works.

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the last two days have been about creating, seeing what fits and what is no longer necessary.

ever done spring cleaning?

pretty much the same idea but for your mind.

o.k. so you here wondering what the hell is this chick thinking or meaning. my readers, it is a “personal experience” and if i am lucky enough people take a look or read, then it has been a good day.

the other day i kept thinking why all the fuss, why do we continue to put others in front of my own needs but i think it is the conditioning setting in again.

here is what is even sadder, when you can’t clear your mind enough to come up with a creative idea. what does put me in a mood is music and as i sit here this morning listening to the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy, the fun began to flow. realizing do what you know took at the back seat, i feel as though my efforts have been rewarded.

so there you have it. short, to the point and here’s hoping to have a good #sunday.


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