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I used to believe good things come to those who wait but I have waited my whole life and the odd thing is I don’t believe that anymore but I do believe we still all have a purpose.

Maybe it isn’t about how smart you are or how creative you can be but more about understanding your limitations. I mean really, how much ambition does a person need to prove they are better than others?

February is just flying by and speaking of flying, I am finally going to my happy place, the ocean. I will be counting down the days and I really need this. 2023 did not start off right and I am not going to continue hoping for things, I am just going to say #fuckitanddoit and if people stand in my way, well then they will need a reality check.

I remember a time when I could make things happen, a bolt of lightning struck and with that information I decided that maybe I am worthy and will do whatever I can to be happy. I really do even though the whole world is chaotic and day-by-day bullshit happens. I just want peace, I don’t want to worry about money and I certainly am not high maintenance therefore, I just need the things that make me content.

I started working on new #notebooks again, a little different style. A girl can dream and maybe someday someone will notice, in the meantime, you have noticed for lack of writing on my part, I guess I had the notice to say or just couldn’t find the #words.

Sorry about that. I am still here and looking for new #inspirations.

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