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the next big thing: how should we prepare?

the world is an uncertain place at the moment and the funny thing is i seen the headlines on Microsoft News saying “COVID-19 no longer top issue facing Canadians ahead of possible election: poll“. imagine, this craziest pandemic taking a back seat. right. i don’t believe it but as they state it is because there is an election upon us. who really cares? the fact remains, no matter what people do or vote for, it will always be the same shit different year.

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moving along.

every morning i sit here coming up with new ideas, finding words that matter and can possibly make an impact on someone’s life. although the tragedy is no one every responds, i also find myself listening to famous music from an era i love – the 80’s. i ask my boyfriend the other night if he misses his party days as we called it, a time when all seemed care free and if we only knew then what we know now. i guess being an adult isn’t that great and can honestly say, i still have many regrets.

what does that say for my well-being? well, suffering with disasters, mental breakdowns isn’t fun and when a person isn’t happy in their own skin, there is no solution to the problem but to just live with the facts and reality.

pretty sad to say the only thing that really makes me smile these days is my kitty. she is a surprise i took home last year and i must say, i am so grateful to have her in my life. we have bond like no other and me of all people never thought it possible to love something so much.

what’s on the agenda this week:

Monday and Tuesdays are my days off from the real job and as my brain hurts from listening to people complain about useless deliveries, things that make no sense, i will catch up on domestic duties and maybe a little tv programming. did i tell you i am right into Gossip Girls? holy shit now there’s a show i can honestly relate too. check it out.


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