The Moment you realize everyone is doing it and I don’t mean the dishes

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The words STALE come to mind this morning as I review my blog and check the layout, I am very unsatisfied with the way I have represented myself. I always preach about simplifying life and I am always looking out for a new idea but what I have realized about myself is that I am also not focusing on what I want for my blog.

It is like a pattern, the feelings are mixed up and so is everything else. All the parts are unhappy therefore it reflects on all that I am trying to accomplish. There are clues that show us when we need to make some changes but we constantly try to avoid the obvious.

Last week was one of the most horrifying weeks at work and I can say without a doubt that even when you are trying to be honest with people, they try and avoid the issue because they do not know how to handle the truth. It is no secret I can’t stand my supervisor and she knows it now but they, mean both bosses were trying to make it so I had no options in this matter. It is either put up with it or quit. Well let’s just say, I can’t quit because first of all I was there first and second, I love my job although it isn’t fulfilling I still like the work I do. The problem is her and she needs to go. They have hashed up all my mistakes made since the beginning of 2023 and given me a PIP if you know what that means and I can honestly say, I am disgusted. Not only do I have to meet with this individual weekly for 8 weeks one-on-one but this does not solve my issue.

She is the most fake person I have ever met and kisses up to the bigger boss all the time. I thought my higher could see right through this person but apparently not. I understand policies have to be followed, I truly do but there is a problem when a person can’t focus day to day because of one individual.

Coming back to my blog, which is the same thing only difference is I can change my layout and functionality.

While I work through these horrible emotions, I am left feeling more upset and confused than I was last week and as we enter into Monday, I don’t know how I am going to deal with this person. They go on about how valued I am but really it does not reflect in our daily outcome. If anyone has any ideas on how to approach this situation, please contact me and give me another insight. It is a good thing I don’t have to see her face to face because I probably would have walked a long time ago, which would not help my life.

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