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I spent a lifetime searching

depending on things that no longer serve me and I can say, without a doubt, writing is freeing.

Recently, I have been searching for the ideal brand, counting the days when it would hit me, but then a light came on and made me realize:

“why all the fluff”

we all want to be unique, and we all want to stand out but in the end, all that matters is the message you bring to the table / in the world. I can also say, although I felt very discouraged, I did not give up and still today, looking for those ideas has become a pastime.

I am still searching but I was reminding myself that I need to empty all this garbage in my head in order to get back to what matters:


how did I begin to grow and when did it all happen? 2018 was the worse time of my life, honestly, it has been downhill from there. every time I think things are turning around, “crash” – the bullshit starts and I am back to square one. did you ever feel like a dark cloud hangs over your head? welcome and let’s form a club. now, I decided that in order to make my life tolerable, simple and less chaotic, i really have to get back to doing:

“verbal diarrhea”

seriously because basically you are dishing out all that chaos from your head onto a paper or digital device and that is why I have spent the better part of 1 year trying to create Notebook Journals, in the hope to catch the audience’s eye. something unique and emphasis on words of course. it is very hard to know what others need or want but I know that if I just keep at it, one day, someone will spark and this “wordsofawriter” will catch on.

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