the importance of sharing feelings and being vulnerable

i was thinking about feelings and trust the last 2 days only because i know many people are suffering with #mentalhealth even more so in 2020. opening ourselves up is a very difficult thing and most of us don’t because we feel judged for having any kind of feelings.

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i recently have been chatting with an old acquaintance, now considered to be friend, i say that because i don’t usually do friendships because i lack trust but she has really opened my eyes about something so profound, it has to be written.

in order to trust someone you need to be vulnerable.

that is a very difficult task and what i am going to work on in the coming week. how can we express our inner most feelings when we know people judge and look at your like you need therapy? i say this:

if you are aware of your feelings and thoughts, then the rest is easy.

there are many people who claim to have the answers to your issues or have experienced similar situations and feel the need to dictate their resolutions but one person’s idea cannot fix you.

the only way to truly be open and honest about your symptoms or feelings is to first admit them outloud. once you can freely do this, you will see an amazing thing happen. the art of letting go those negative, emotional, rejected feelings.

it is o.k. to be mixed up, confused, stressed about life as long as you can freely admit and express. if people want to judge, then they are not in contact with their inner self in order to understand the concept.

i was thinking maybe i should start with a step program for this new journey of mine. food for thought as they but i know opening this line of communication will certainly be a good thing.

as today is #TGIF, i just want to enjoy the sun, look at creativity because i am still not happy with my layout and really open my senses in order to feel calm.

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