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the ideas that lounge around in your brain

i always talk about living in the moment but do you ever take a moment and step back in time? do you ask yourself why? it is because parts of your life are an understanding with yourself that brings you a memory of joy or a peace of what you thought was real.

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the idea that some part of your life was all made up can be very disturbing, thinking that maybe those mistakes you felt you made weren’t really mistakes but only the lessons of a past life never understood. why we make the choices we made can never be explained they can only be separated from the reality.

yesterday i was going through policies and it seemed to be the theme of the day. why some words are writing in ink for the sole purpose of keep a business organized and in order. the value they hold are a means to an end, they really only complicate the ideas we want to express because in the end, every situation is different.

it is all about structure isn’t it – if we do not have some guideline to follow then what happens? it would be a free for all and nothing would be logical. when you are in business you must have these guidelines to keep the products’ worth. however, what about your own worth, should you have guidelines, should you have those rules and regulations about your life to keep you structured?

I have 2 rules in my policy book of humanity: be true to yourself and act accordingly when in a professional workplace. the rest is a hidden characteristic only myself needs to know.

if only i could share my true thoughts on most of the things that lounge around in my brain.


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