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there may be times when things look grim and other times you think that the world has given you a golden key to life but then the uncertainty kicks in and you become questionable about everything. as the weather warms up and i find myself sitting on my deck and admiring the sounds of the birds while my boyfriend tries out his new battery operated lawn mower.

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men and toys.

he always says: “work smarter not harder” which is probably why he decided to get this battery operated thing, hopefully it will do the trick but i am also reminded of the stressful week i have had with our surprising blizzard, worry that my pool would not survive this stupid change and how soon the heat will come. i am so missing the beach as it has been 2 years since i have been there and i have to satisfy myself with the bullshit of Ontario.

mental update.

not that good for sure. the frustrations of our lifestyle has left me very down and not having the ability to go or do whatever i want, i feel very sad that we have not been able to succeed in this pandemic crap and that more and more people are sucked into the governments bullshit. i watch the people on the beaches in the south and they truly seem fine. so what the hell are we doing wrong?

new creations.

i have a created a new page, called “daily bullshit”. little rantings about up to date real feelings of latest news or people. it is kinda interesting and keeps the readers interested. check it out.

what next

honestly, i try not to plan anything ahead of schedule. what i do need to do is continue working on my yard, decided what stays, what goes and as i only have one more week until i start yet another job on May 3rd, i should really catch up on my clearning rather than repeats of famous shows on amazon prime but hell, it is more fun.

thank you as always for reading and remember to be unconditional.

the Writer.


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