The Fallen Must Hold Their Ground

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We are shaped in the eyes of someone else at such a young age and remain dumbfounded when adulthood hits because we can no longer identify who we are and what our goals have given us.

Or at least that’s my story.

The question is when we fall, how far down does that rabbit hole go? How can we process positive when negative is all we have known?

I’ll tell you. Fuck everyone!

You have to make the decision to either find your own path or make a plan, a planogram of what you believe your life should look like and do it. I do realize ambitions can be way too high, in my experience, but the one thing I know that has stayed consistent is the willingness to keep trying.

As I slowly reach out of my hole, I am reinventing my little creative shop and hoping to generate that side hustle income so I can do the things I want to do in the coming new year.

Thank you for your support.

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