the end result is the same

i have noticed that no matter how hard people work for something or toward something, in the end, the result is the same. you either succeed or you lose. in my case, i seem to not succeed in many things but keeping in mind, my goals is to make myself content and really that is all that matters.

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if you are happy with what you do, how you live your life, then so be it.

i was thinking of my relationship and how i like less is is more kinda situation. the great Queen says, “sometimes it is better to do nothing” – she is such an inspiration to me and always has been. a great leader, strong but silent type all the things i value and could never be only because i like to say what i like, when i like.

the reasoning behind it is that half my life i spent in silence and suffered more for it than some of the shit i go through now. strategy is another word i find warrants attention because you must always have a plan. let go of the things you can’t fix and work at the things that need fixing.

i rumaged through papers on my desk yesterday, cleaning up and found a note i had written myself. it says: “don’t absorb other people’s emotions”

remember that.

in any job you do, other people’s drama can suck you right in and destroy what is left of your sanity. doesn’t matter the work, sales, customer service, hosting, we all have a part to play and important they are but surrounded by many individuals with negative attitudes can literally suck the life out of you.

today is Sunday, and how important this day used to be, especially in the summer time, i am off on an adventure early before work to surprise someone very special with a special gift.


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