the differences between you and i

humans pride themselves on being unique in every possible way and it is how we approach them that decides whether or not the friendships will grow. even in close relationships, we build a foundation of understanding one another but time and time again we have seen so many failed interactions.

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it is very hard to work at unconditional because you must accept everyone for who they are and what they believe. their way of life should be respected and admired because it is what they know and trust.

what one person is feeling or going through does not necessarily affect others but only if they make it so. i have met many people who have tried time after time to change my way of thinking or doing only because they felt it was unacceptable behaviour.

but what it

you see, some people are afraid of thinking outside the box. some people fear out of the ordinary behavior because they do not understand it or simply because their upbringing was very restricted. the normal should not be defined because we all know today, nothing is normal and who is to say if normal should even exist.

take me for example, i am a very unique individual and telling it like it is has become my foundation more so over time than in the present moment. i am never around people that much and it has given me a perspective on life in general.

i was also informed that being very smart in certain areas of my life intimidates people and therefore proves to be unacceptable in certain aspects of my professional life.

who knew

i finally figured it out why i am not wear i should be and it is because i have a voice and some companies do not always like that. although it has given me much power at one time, now it seems to be showing me the shadow that weighs heavy on my mind.

all i can do for now is take every day as it comes and know that my journey will be set forth and i must accept that it will take me exactly where i need to be.

on a personal note: in my previous post i spoke of my personal computer and it’s a grieving process i am enduring as it has been shipped to get fixed. still hopeful they will be able to figure out the problem.


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