The Crossroads Are Changing But You Don’t Need it.

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We all want to believe that change is possible and when things do not work the way we would like, we want to make those big changes. The odd thing is that when we apply this concept, of cause and effect, we have no control over how the end result will appear. We make changes to better our own lifestyle, to better our health and it always comes back with a sort of negative feedback.

People don’t like it when you change, they want to forever stay in their own bubble and leave it as is but when a person like me isn’t quite settled in her own life and moral values, changes have to be made with or without approval. What am I saying though, why do we need the approval of others in order to make our life better?

It is a fact. You have to respect your surroundings and know we are all different and what we feel might work for your own well-being will not always work for others. People rely on certain foundations to continue on their journey and the road changes, they, most of the time, do not know how to adapt.

I am in a very bad place at the moment and the chaos running in my head is really getting out of control. I am very moody, upset all the time and can’t find the confidence I had before. I don’t know if it is the effects of my beginning of the year or if work is driving me insane. Just when I thought I was in a good place, now they have gone and just targeted me for things that we have no explanation for and I am at the end of my rope with that situation.

Yesterday, I took a step back and decided I wasn’t going to give 100% to this company until I can feel confident again that my work is valued. It did not go well but I felt good about being able to take that step back and let them ponder their own shit. I was remembering a time when I did the same thing, totally giving myself to a company and people and where did it get me? Zero Value. I promised myself I would never do that again and being the leader of something isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. People have to learn to stop relying on others to do something they learn on their own. I am not a babysitter or caretaker and we all need to stand alone and do the work.

My change needs to come from within and I trying so hard to find that new way, that new crossroads so that I can be a happier person and not trapped.

The question of the day: How does one take the better step when there are so many barriers?

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