The Constant Nagging

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When you feel as though nothing can settle your mind.

I have been trying very hard to write and the continuous work I have been doing on my shop makes me wonder if it is all worth it. I mean, creativity takes time, I get it but it has unnerved me only because I want it to be great and want people to notice. Without failure, I guess there is no trial and error but I can say this, it is exhausting and I have been neglecting my expression.

Everything around me is stressful lately I feel as though I will combust. Between work, family, and other people, I keep asking “when it is going to be my time?” I so miss many things I am lacking and I mean lacking so much that it pains me.

Why can’t I just get a little string of luck my way and make me content, peaceful and calm? I guess it isn’t in the cards for me. I also get all discouraged when I start looking at all the great art on Pinterest, the competition for printables & digital downloads is incredible. So then the question is “how can I make mine interesting as well so people will buy?”

I believe it is determination and constant nagging that will get me through this.

i guess people don’t have a need for my creativity, however, I won’t give up.

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