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The Blog Post that will Change Your Mind about Blogging.

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be the better blogger.

not really but it sure got your attention didn’t it. this is what i am told. in order to catch the readers attention, lead with a great title. after that, if they stay, they may find themselves poking around, seeing what you have to offer or just leave without as much as a comment or reaction.

gotta love those “blank” feelings.

sure there are millions of bloggers in the world and probably twice as much website trying to make a difference but i believe we are all unique and should be given a chance. everyone has something good to bring to the table and for better or worse, we all have an ambition.

mine: readers

for years i have tried to create a fan base, email list and people who really admire what i do but i have come to the conclusion, maybe i am not enough. the one thing i am is true and that to me is 100% better than those false people who claim to do better than the rest of us.

as i sifted through Pinterest this morning i realized how much false ads there are or posts about blogging better, and i can honestly say when i click on those websites, they aren’t as true as they appear. it is merely attraction just like i did in the title.


so now that i have finally found a great new layout, set up and finished rearranging how this look, hopefully you will take the time to give me a shout.

have you listened to my latest Podcast? Why the hell not.

Episode Description

Live every moment like it was your last. How many times have you heard that? A few. The concept is being in the moment and many people don’t know how to live in this moment in time only because some of us don’t like the world we are living in. I am going to share some thoughts on my personal experiences with over thinking, drowning in words and a little bit of this and that.

Join me, follow or share.

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