TGender: defining humanity on private parts

disclosure: this content may be offensive to some – i mean no disrespect; it is just an opinion.

i speak highly on self growth and mental health and this has been bothering me for quite some time. the world is full of people who have decided to change genders in a blink of an eye. whether you are gay, bi, lesbian or even drag, i don’t judge but when it comes to transgender as they call it, i have a really big issue with this.

facts are facts: whether you feel you think you are in the wrong body, it still remains apparent, you are born with certain parts that cannot be changed.

you can change your name, legally i might add or add some body parts for the effect of appearing the gender you want to be but it still stands to reason, you are who you are physically.

people who truly believe they were born being a different gender have clearly lost it. i don’t oppose humanity for deciding who they want to sleep with but i do not understand the idea of being born with a vagina and appearing as a man. where is the logic in that. even bruce jenner thinks he is a woman but has still kept his penis. what is the problem with this?

i truly believe that tgender is a symptom of unknown issues. the idea that they wake up one day and think, “wow, i am not a man or woman” is absolutely and psychologically disturbing.

now, short story here.

i have someone close to me who has done this process and it really bothers me. she knows how i feel and i don’t hide it but i refuse to call her a him. she suffers from not only gender confusion but high mental illness, i believe.

i too suffer with depression but i don’t believe i was born in a different gender to prove a point. it is a symptom to underlying issues. it is sad to think great doctors have accepted this form of humanity.

i had to share my feelings because i am deeply disturbed by this and expressing it doesn’t fix my feelings but it surely brings light to a very strange subject.

in the end the point to all this is: why can’t people just accept who they are and work with that rather than trying to create a moral compass of circles?

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