Taking Shit from Anyone Means Lowering Your Standards

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we all know that in matters of authority, we all have to listen and obey to someone but how is really affecting our well being? i truly believe the more shit you endure, the more your mental state becomes depreciated and over time, it can really have an affect on your lifestyle.

we all have rules to follow, i understand and the most part, it is for the greater good. for companies, they lay out certain standards to make everything run smoothly but i also know and have experienced that people, especially when using a service think they are the kings and queens because they can at any moment make reports about workers.

the problem with this is that we are all equals and should be treated accordingly.

i get that if you go into a shop and buy something, you expect great value and service but rudeness and disrespect should not be their selling point. we all have a job to do and that my readers is survive. our world is so corrupted that we been blinded by truth and obligation. we have a mission to better ourselves without adhering to the normal behavior of a high strung company.

in the past, i have seen so many leaders feel and think they were superior to me i wanted, for the most part, scream out and yet as life would have it, i would sit in my corner following all the rules. look where that got me. now i see things so differently and i believe that if i had acted in a more honest and true demeanor, my life would not be down the toilet, sorta speak.

having that voice would have made all the difference. direction would have made me a stronger and more understanding human being but mostly, understanding my feelings, dealing with what was necessary might have changed the course of my journey.

i deal with these past regrets all the time and i can say with certainty, this is one of the hardest mountain i have to overcome. when was the last time you decided to take a bigger leap and truly understood your mission in life? feel free to let me know.

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