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Survival of the Masses

We all the chaos, I just remembered I haven’t written in a while. I think it is because I decided until I had something valueable to say, I was going to keep silent. However, I can no longer keep quiet.

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The best part of living an unconditional life is you are supposed to accept everyone for who they are and what they believe in for the most part. However, I can say there are times when unconditional becomes very difficult because you want to make people realize how ridiculous an idea can spread.

Social media has become an epidemic itself and people tend to blow things out of proportion. We need to focus on reality and what life has to offer. Missing important moments, living a happy content life and most of all accepting things for what they are in 2020.

I have been a creature of regrets, not being able to let go of my own imperfections, decisions I have made that were apparently wrong. Last night I had the worse dream I have had in weeks. I was driving down the highway for some reason I came face to face with a destroyed overpass and couldn’t stop my vehicle. It was the weirdest feeling, then all of a sudden in that same moment, it was as if someone or something pulled me out of that into a restaurant where I was pulled to a bench of a stranger. He said something to me that was so intense:

“are you ready now?”

Then just like that I screamed NO! then woke up.

I took a moment to get my bearings then thought what the hell was that all about. Without over thinking it, I immediately jumped out of bed and began my day.

Honestly, sometimes we just have to take a moment and realize we might be missing the most important part of our own lifestyle.


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