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I have creating a little project, one that was long over due and I must say, my writing has certainly evolved. As writers, I don’t know if others do this, but looking back where this all began, I was much more open and passionate about how I felt and what was going on in my head and real life.

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I wrote a book called “13 Chaos”. It was a series of blog posts combined to be read daily. As life would have it, marketing wasn’t my strong suit and self-publishing was a foreign concept. Today, I created a website just for that book and I have been adding to it daily. This book is quite long, therefore the extra time it takes, I feel is worth the effort.

It reminds me of how I had no fear, no judgement and certainly didn’t care who read my thoughts because they were real. You should check it out and tell me what you think!

This brings me to the present moment. As you have read for a long time if you follow me, I have been stuck. Living a life I don’t want, nursing old wounds and finding light in order to at least find a small amount of peace of mind. I hate what is going on because it isn’t me. I used to be so out going, full of optimism and now it is as though everyone I speak too who has that, I want to just slap upside the head.

It isn’t fair to think that some people are so lucky to have all they want or find the help to achieve their ambitions and therefore I can’t even bring myself to be happy for them. I get more and more frustrated and angry at them because they are so bubbly and perky, that is makes me sad to think, I am that kind of person.

Age has not been kind to me and I am slowly afraid that this chaos I am in is meant to be. ( the famous words )

as always, be safe and be unconditional,

the Writer


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