Stress and Physical Pain

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How our Bodies tell us we need a break

For the past week, I have been suffering with pain in my neck and down my back and it isn’t for lack of exercise or something I did but just stress. I let things bother me so much that my body is starting to tell me it is time to take a break. funny how we never really pay attention to warning signs when something is utterly wrong and yet, the slightest little shift can cause so much pain.

I took time out yesterday to go get a massage in hopes to relieve some of this tension and all I could think about is where I want to be and what I would like to do next. I can’t even relax my mind enough to enjoy that moment of tranquility. It is very sad because all I am doing is causing myself more pain.

It makes me question all that is going on and what will come next. Then again, how important is it? Why am I so consumed with the idea that life has not been kind to me or that I keep hashing up old wounds to cause myself more grief. This is a question I will ponder over this weekend but in all honesty, it has to stop.

The fact that I have not attained my goals and ambitions, not for lack of hard work is really upsetting. I am so disappointed all the time with my life that I can’t see pass the fog. The trouble is that I know exactly what I want and can’t attain it.

In the now …

Today, I will start a new adventure. #newcareer. I am not excited about it other than it does pay well and I will finally have some money in my bank account to contribute to my life style. It has been really hard without money, my biggest stressor and I feel as though I caused this pain, which in reality I did. But when you aren’t comfortable in something you do on a daily basis, shouldn’t you try other types of jobs in order to be satisfied?

The one thing I am not comfortable with is pretending. The idea of meeting new people and interacting drives me batty and the phrase “fake it” comes to mind again. Oh, well one has to do whatever to make things better, right?

wish me luck and I’ll fill you in tomorrow on how it went. Oh by the way, how do you like the new decorations? let me know.

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