strength where does it come from

the trick to understanding ones’ self isn’t about digging deeper but from the experiences we live. people are key in our ability to read our own innovative and unconditional strength. if you were to sit back and think for a moment at all that you have endure in your lifetime, what would that list look like?

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pretty impressive i think.

we often forget how strong we are until someone says something so outspoken, we take a step back and realize maybe they know more than we do. that’s just it, we will never look at our qualities because the embarassment of admitting how great we are is enough to make one look silly.

there are those in this life that have no fear of this vanity and i can tell you from experience, it does show true colors of ones’ personality. in the end, even those individuals will come down a level for their own personal evaluation.

let’s look at the people who assume they can do something, totally convinced of their ability to accomplish a task but on the outside show a different perspective. they linger thinking ‘ya i got this’ and without a doubt the true nature of their ambition isn’t about fulfilling the task but merely for the gratification.

that my friends is not the lifestyle you want.

we are all wrapped up in our own world of seeking more than we can handle but i can also tell you every so often that comes to an end. that is why yesterday i spoke much about regret and how to let it go.

we are living in trying times and we must believe that our purpose lies within the ability to do just that.



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