Stop saying you can relate or you know how a person feels

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i have heard this phrase so often, i ‘gag’ and it really upsets me because we cannot and should not compare ourselves to anyone or any story. we are all individuals, we all have different stories and although some may be similar, we must at all cost never tell a person who is hurting over a situation,

“i have went through that, i totally get it”

well guess what? you are hurting that person even more because you are saying that this person’s story doesn’t matter, that your story has just surfaced and it comparable, when in fact it has nothing to do with that person in front of you.

we are so conditioned

this is what happens, we humans have been conditioned to believe certain things, events, and emotions and i am here to tell you, it is all bullshit. i was in a Zoom meeting this meeting with a bunch of ladies talking about emotions and frustrations. it was hosted by a lovely lady who is so opposite of me but i love and respect very much.

there was a lady who was so emotional and i envied her because she could just lay it all out there and the sad part is that i felt nothing. i think my anxiety has taken over the role of feeling anything but what does piss me off is that people are so wrapped up in this pandemic shit, the #whatwewent through in 2020 that it has to be said out loud:

let it go already.

listen and listen well

we cannot keep reminiscing about last year, we can’t go back and we certainly can’t keep crying over this pandemic. it is something that is happening and we just have to accept it for what it is. we have to rearrange our ways only to follow rules but it does not mean we have to stop doing what is best for ourselves.

i for one am sick of people who are so engulfed in this, i do realize people died, people lost their businesses, and people have done so much grieving but what stands out is that we are forgetting to live. we are forgetting the now, today, and what makes us feel good. we are so consumed with unrealistic events, we have forgotten the balance that should come from something like this.

o.k. so i am just a little dot in the world

yes. i am not a celebrity, i am not some famous blogger but i am a human being that does not consume herself with the world’s issues and certainly won’t stand for getting sucked into someone else’s drama. the one thing i will do is teach. i want the world to start realizing how my teaching of unconditionally is so important.

this is why i have stopped the chaos of negativity, giving a shit about whoever and certainly able to cleanse myself of crap.

look, i am honest, i am open, i love to listen to people to understand their perspective but i am not empathetic only because you have control over your own life and emotions. why get wrapped up in that roller coaster of lockdowns and rules and restrictions? find the happy medium and live your life according to what is important

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