Stop Putting Others First

This is why you feel like crap because you always think of others first. Seriously! It has been years since I have really done anything important for myself. It is always about other people, other responsibilities and the other night, when I heard this line, I thought, “ya that’s me”.

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Why is it so important to make everyone else happy when I am the one who needs? They say the more you give, the more you get back but I also realized, after a while, the life gets sucked right out of you because you are giving so much of yourself.

There has to be a limit.

Self confidence, profit, personality, making people think you care when they don’t drags attention to my inner self today and I keep thinking, where did all the good go. I know.

I gave it all away.

I am sure there are many of you out there who think the same thing. Well, I can honestly say, unconditionally is one of the hardest plans I have had and the more I practice, the more I realize, acceptance is the biggest part in all this. I took some time to regenerate my thoughts and I am seriously suffering.

Today, life is so expensive and when you fail over and over again in work, play or otherwise, you don’t know where to turn. I have placed a donate button in hopes that people will like the lifestyle blogging but as I have already experienced, no one really cares and I do know why. The competition is cruel out there. But that’s o.k. my readers, survival has been my game for years. I know how to play this game.

I have given my time long enough, caring about people who don’t care about me, giving not only my time but when someone was in need, I was there 100%. now that being said, it isn’t that Realistic Lifestyle is changing her blog sessions about unconditional living, I am just going to be more prudent about how I teach it.

It is a give and take situation, right?

as always,

the Writer


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