Stop Faking it Until you Make it

A Guide on Customer Service Representative Jobs

Ever get that sick feeling that all companies have the same concept: Call Flow. It is a big word meaning let’s follow the script and become a robot.

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Humans have forgotten how to connect and for the most part, when you contact a business center of any kind, you will get that person on the other line who is so trained by saying the same lines over and over, sometimes it gets difficult to even understand why companies think this method will give them better metrics.

I have worked in customer service positions for many years and I can tell you, all companies have the same format. The training is long and most of the material is really unnecessary. Most businesses have forgotten the concept of humanity, how people want to be treated like people and even though there are rules, laws and specific regulation guidelines for any company, when it boils down to it, people want connection.

Step One

So you want to work in customer service. Great! Let me break it down for you.

Authenticity: if you sound like you are trying to be on point and scripted, the person on the other end will not be happy at the end of the call.

Empathy: A word I really dislike. It is nice to care, and try to feel what the caller is feeling but when you say things like “I understand how frustrating that must be” or “I know exactly what you mean” can only frustrate the situation. You can never understand or feel another person’s situation, even if you have had that happen to you. What a customer needs to feel is that you are accepting what they are saying and taking the time to listen.


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