stop being like everyone else

i have noticed a trend lately, everyone is doing the same thing. i do realize this dumbass #pandemic is getting to be a bit much but most people are finding ways to keep busy while on lockdown. the problem is everyone is doing the same shit. posting videos of themselves, singing stupid songs, telling stories but in reality, it is getting rather boring.

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now, we need new and i am not talking about headlines of raids and killings but something fun and entertaining. we need to get back to our way of life and fast.

mental health has always been a big issue and it has taking a different meaning these past few months, myself included. emotions are high, anger has set in and the frustration is worse than ever. the feelings of having no purpose, reason to even get up and hell i have seen people even post this crazy on #youtube.

why are we putting this stuff out there?

does it make us feel more accepted? loved? or are we just grasping at the idea that the world will never be a better place.

we exist because 2 people decided to have children and so did their parents before that. i believe crisis can certainly put a curve on the meaning lost.

one thing that keeps popping in my head is my isolation. call me selfish but i have been isolated for 1 year now almost and i am not different than the year before. i still feel as though when reality sets in, people do not care anymore than they did 10 years ago.

we are all restless, we are all searching for some kind of reality but zoom meetings and facetime has to stop. we. need. people interaction and if this lockdown doesn’t stop soon, there will be more riots. i can guarantee even the world will come out of their comfort zone and hell will not survive the mass destruction of fed up people.

what are your thoughts?


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