standing still for a moment

this past month has been an adventure. contemplating what to do with the website, giving it a theme and now with june just a few days away, the colors have changed. good i think.

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the rest of it needs work

maybe i have been looking at this all wrong, maybe my message isn’t getting across, maybe is a big word.

i wrote a big article on my front page this morning because i am very disappointed with how our country is being ran. i mean, honestly, nothing is making sense.

that being said brings me to why and what am i going to do next.

well, i have tried many things with this blog but the one thing that has stayed consistent are the words. expression is the best medicine and i feel it is important whether people believe you or respect your opinions, it doesn’t matter. the words are getting out and maybe that is all i need in my life.

i am reminded of writing an article in our local newspaper once, for being opinionated and i got in trouble for it but i felt it was time to voice the truth. i think the inspirations come from many places and that time, the small minded people of this community took my words the wrong way or at least they read it all wrong. however, i did stand my ground and even though it marked my career, i was proud.

i have a voice and although i don’t march down streets screaming or banter people for who they are and what they believe in, i know someday, i may make a difference to someone, somewhere.

as always, thank you for your patience with me as i prepare for June’s Inspirations and for supporting my efforts. be unconditional and never let anyone tell you how to act or how to feel.

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