Social Media Banter: the effect it is having on our health

whether it is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, we all know the headlines are filled with human expression. the hard thing about social media, it can affect our well being because people are vulnerable in 2020.

if you do not have a good support system to keep you positive, social media can suck you into a very deep hole and i can say from experience, there is no way out.

i am grateful i have a few people who still listen to my ‘bullshit’ especially since i am feeling very isolated from the world. i have my paradise in the backyard but these days it doesn’t seem to fill the void.

however …

i can say i am still a little hope that some of this shit may disappear soon or people will simply lose their minds.

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we love social media, don’t we? it makes us connect with people all over the world but i also know negative comments can really put someone into a place they have never been. we are forgetting how many people can’t fight back. i watched a little boy, well young man speak out on bullying and i thought, why does this happen.

i have a neighbor who drives me insane because she is the most annoying person i know but it does not mean i will lash out at her for being who she is only because she probably doesn’t realize how her words affect my well being. it seems she has a radar when i am out enjoying my time floating around in the pool she comes out yelling about whatever stupid story she heard today. she talks about everyone and anything just to annoy the living shit out of me.

i say nothing.

my question is this: is it better to say nothing? silence can be golden but if the person doesn’t realize they are being destructive, then how are going to correct the behavior?

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