Simple is Better

working on this website branding, I realized something. may what people really want to see on a website is actually good reading. all the mess of ads and read more crap, really does not appeal to people. I mean if you want something or need to buy something, you would just google it right?

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so here is simple. less is more and what people really want to read is how I actually live a realistic life. it isn’t easy as there are many people that drive me crazy with their moments. it seems to me that life shouldn’t be so hard and yet most of us struggle to find happiness in so many ways.

I have decidated a lot of time trying different ways to make my life simplier, more fruitful and of course have more money but all the schemes and wasted job applications have proven only one thing:

“the more you do, the less you get”

so what is all the fuss about if you want blogging to succeed, you have to work hard and if you want more money, work more hours. I think it is a matter of time management, stability and constant dedication.

another realistic lifestyle idea is choice. when you decide something isn’t good or you need a change, they say there is a reaction for every action. proof is right here my friends. I gave up a career last year that has cost me a lot of time and money but on the up scale I have more peace of mind. so which is better?

what really bothers me is honesty. if a company doesn’t want your abilities or skills, why can’t they just be upfront and tell you the truth. why the bullshit and reasoning with paper work rather than tell you like it is.

no sure. when I find out I’ll let you know.

today, while I brain storm and work on my other project, I give you this to think about:

“can you really be whole if something is missing?”


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