silence: the art of saying nothing

it has come apparent to me that as much as i would like to express my feelings and thoughts, i should keep silent. it is offending to think that even though i have much to say and things to share, some people would rather i shut up.

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the thing is it is probably for the best …

what i am feeling is that being misunderstood has made me realize it does not matter what i think or feeling, people will be the judge of my life at any cost. even while hurting others and demanding answers, i am disappointed with my strategy.

in the old days, a woman did not have a voice, she was told to do and to mind her mouth. i think today, we are in somewhat in the same boat. we also do things we would rather not do because it is the right thing to do.

if that makes any sense …

i never realized how life has not evolved at all until i started adding up the signs. man and woman aren’t meant to be in relationships if they are always forgetting the feelings of the other. even friendships, when one is always trying to contridic what another feels, what is the point of having that kind of friendship.

i always fought for unconditional love and now it seems that people will never understand my concept. it is a shame because i truly feel the world would be a better place.

yesterday, i really took time to reflect in my pool, trying to close the unimportant boxes. thoughts of where i wanted to be instead of being in this moment and i know why. my present moment isn’t the place that is good for me any longer and i am suffering for it.

alas, it is what it is. unfortunately, i can’t change it. the only choice i have now is to shut up and put up. people will never understand.


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